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​Jeremy Cox Chief Executive Officer​
Craig Swan​ Managing Director
Marcia Woolridge-Allwood Acting Managing Director, Banking, Trust, Corporate Services & Investment
​Duncan Evans Deputy Director, Banking, Trust, Corporate Services & Investment
​Ricardo Garcia Head of Actuarial Services
Leanne Alami-Merrouni Assistant Director, Investment Groups
​Collin Anderson ​Assistant Director, Insurance
​Tamara Anfossi ​Assistant Director, Trust & Corporate Service Providers
​Laila Burke ​Assistant Director, Insurance
​Eric Donkoh ​Assistant Director, Insurance
​Timae Flood ​Assistant Director, Insurance
​Gerald Gakundi ​Assistant Director, Insurance
​Graham Lamb ​Assistant Director, Insurance
​David Lawler ​Assistant Director, Insurance
​Martin ​Maringi ​Assistant Director, Insurance
​Richard May ​Assistant Director, Actuarial Services, Long-Term
​Moses Muoki ​Assistant Director, Insurance
​Jeferino dos Santos ​Assistant Director, Actuarial Service, Property & Casualty
​Gina Smith ​Assistant Director, Actuarial Services, Property & Casualty
​Gary Thomas ​Assistant Director, Actuarial Services, Long-Term
​Donald Treanor ​Assistant Director, Actuarial Services, Property & Casualty
Financial Stability ​& Anti-Money Laundering
George Pickering​ Senior Advisor
​Marcelo Ramella Deputy Director
​Kevin Dolan ​Assistant Director, AML
​Leo Mucheriwa ​Assistant Director, Financial Stability
​ ​
Licensing & Authorisations
​Leslie Robinson ​Assistant Director, Corporate Authorisations
​Melissa Morton ​Assistant Director, Authorisations
​Akilah Wilson ​Assistant Director, Licensing
​ ​
Policy, Legal & Enforcement
Shauna MacKenzie Director
​Garrett Byrne Chief Enforcement Officer
​Ifor Hughes ​Assistant Director, Policy
​Yvette Pierre ​Assistant Director, Policy
​Natalie Stevenson ​Assistant Director, International Affairs
​Dina Wilson ​Assistant Director, Legal Services
​ ​
Shanna Lespere Chief Operating Officer
Sheridan Smith​ Director, Management Services/Information Technology
​​Mesheiah Crockwell Deputy Director, Head of Human Resources
​Amanda Outerbridge Deputy Director, Communications
​Terry Pitcher Deputy Director, Head of Finance & Currency Operations
​Michael Albouy ​Assistant Director, IT
​Elizabeth Amyoony Assistant Director, Human Resources
​Michael Bean ​HR Manager
Julie Dill Assistant Director, Human Resources
​Adrian Mendoza ​Financial Controller
​ ​
Organisational Development
​Verna Hollis-Smith ​Assistant Director