4/13/2018Consultation Paper - Proposed Amendment to Investment Funds Act 2006 with Draft Bill.pdf
4/13/2018Consultation Comments Summary Form - Consultation Paper - Investment Funds Act 2006.doc
12/22/2015AIFM Consultation Paper December 2015.pdf
12/22/2015Draft AIFM Rules 2015.pdf
12/22/2015Investment Business Amendment Bill 2015.pdf
11/5/2014Discussion Paper - Development of a Bermuda AIFM Regime - November 2014.pdf
7/31/2013Notice Investment Funds Amendment Act 2013 - Update.pdf
7/9/2013Notice Investment Funds Amendment Act 2013.pdf
5/2/2013Notice - Investment Funds Amendment Act 2013.pdf
9/6/2012Notice - Investment Funds Appeal Tribunal Regulations 2012.pdf
5/10/2012Notice - Statement of Principles on the Use of Enforcement Powers.pdf
5/21/2010Consultation Paper-Securing Enhanced Protection for Investors-Proposed Revisions to the Investment Funds Act 2006.pdf