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Accumulus Emerging Managers Fund Ltd.

Aeolus Property Catastrophe Keystone PF Fund LP 

Aeolus Property Catastrophe Spire PF Fund LP

Antares European Fund Limited, The

Australian Real Estate Fund Limited

Beltone Gems Equity Fund Limited

Clareville Capital Opportunities Fund Limited

Convector International Partners Ltd.

GMO Emerging Country Local Debt Fund (Offshore), L.P.

HDF Eurovest Unit Trust

ILS Diversified Ltd.

International Real Estate Fund Limited

Man-Glenwood Holdings Limited

MCP MAX Limited

Medallion International Ltd.

Nomis Bay Ltd.

Pathfinder Frontier Opportunities Fund Ltd.

Permian Global Bermuda Investments L.P.

Permian Global Bermuda Limited

PG3 Litigation Finance Fund Ltd.

PG3 Private ILS Fund Ltd.

PG3 Trade Finance Fund Ltd.

RJ OASIS (Bermuda) Limited

SWZ Funds Ltd.

Three Court Fund Offshore LP