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Routine Statistical Reporting

Section 26 of the Act provides power of the Authority to require fund operators to furnish it with such reports on the fund’s activities as the Authority may reasonably require.

  • ​Standard fund is required to report monthly on its operations to the Authority. This information is to be provided in the prescribed format and include a fund's price per share or unit, net asset value (NAV), and amounts subscribed and redeemed during the month. Reports should be submitted electronically within 20 business days after the month-end. For convenience, a fund's administrator normally handles reporting.
  • Institutional and Administered funds must report on the same basis as Standard funds. The only difference being the frequency of reporting, with such schemes required to report within 20 business days at the end of each calendar quarter.
  • ​Class A and Class B Exempt Funds must report statistical information annually. The information is to be disclosed on the exemption certification submission form to be submitted annually on or before 30th June via the Authority's Electronic Regulatory Information Compliance Application "ERICA" e-filing platform. The statistical information includes the fund's total NAV, NAV per share and the amounts subscribed and redeemed during the year.

The filings noted above must be submitted via the Authority’s Electronic Regulatory Information Compliance Application  “ERICA” e-filing platform.​

Alteration to Service Providers and Material Change Permissions

Investment Fund’s must seek prior approval from the Authority for any changes to key service providers (custodian, administrator, investment manager, registrar and auditor of a fund). In addition, any material change to a fund’s prospectus must be submitted for prior approval by the Authority.


Section 8A(8) of the Act requires the operator of a Class B Exempt Fund to seek the Authoritys prior approval in relation to director or service provider appointments.

Statement of Compliance

Authorised Investment Funds are also required to submit to the Authority, within six months of the financial year end, a statement confirming that the fund has at all times during the preceding financial year been in compliance with the provisions of the Act, as well as acceptable fund and prospectus rules, or setting out the particulars of any breach.


Section 6B(2) and 8A(6) of the Act requires the Class A Exempt Fund and the Class B Exempt Fund respectively to file an exemption certification annually, on or before 30th  June, which states the fun satisfies the requirements for exemption and will continue to satisfy them.

Both filings must be submitted via the Authority’s Electronic Regulatory Information Compliance Application  “ERICA” e-filing platform​.

Notice of Changes

Section 25 of the Act sets out a number of matters of which the operator of a fund must give the Authority written notice. In particular, all material changes to the fund’s prospectus and changes in service providers require the Authority’s prior consent.

Audit Requirements

Each authorised Investment Fund must prepare annual audited financial statements prepared by an auditor that is acceptable to the Authority.​

  • Authorisation Application Form & Compliance Certificate – Investment Funds Act 2006
  • Annual Statement of Compliance - Authorised Funds Only
  • Class A Exempt Fund - Annual Certification Form
  • Class B Exempt Fund - Annual Certification Form
  • Personal Declaration Form For Shareholders
Copies of the documents mentioned above, are available in the Document Centre under Reporting Forms & Guidelines/Investment Funds.​ Completed forms must be filed via the ERICA e-filing platform.