Denomination: $3.00
Weight: 31.489 grams
Diameter: 35 mm
Alloy: .999 Fine Gold
Issue Limit: 750
Price: $1,700

The Colonel William G. Ball was built in 1929 by George Lawley and Son, Neponset, Massachusetts. She was a luxury yacht, measuring around one hundred and twenty ft in length, had a twenty-three ft beam and displaced 291 gross tons. She was called Sialia and later renamed Egeria. In 1941 she was purchased by the US Army Transportation Corps who gave her a third title: Colonel William G. Ball.

She was wrecked on the Eastern side of Bermuda in June 1943. Her Captain, Fred Anderson, had been returning to port during a severe storm when the vessel hit Mills Breaker, a shallow reef, and sunk.

At the time of the accident she was being used as a local harbour boat. An investigation carried out by the Army revealed that the marker buoy, whose function was to warn ships about the shallow waters, had broken free of its mooring.
Today the wreck of the Colonel William G. Ball sits in around fifteen to twenty-six ft of water and is a popular diving site for scuba divers.​