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Following consultation with industry, the Bermuda Monetary Authority (the Authority) published the ‘Basel III for Bermuda Banks – Final Rule’ effective from 1 January 2015, which was updated in November 2017. The Authority’s final Basel III document outlines a range of new capital and liquidity standards as prescribed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS). The Authority has adopted all three pillars as proposed by Basel III: i) Pillar I – minimum capital requirements; ii) Pillar II – supervisory review process; and iii) Pillar III – market discipline.

Whilst the final Basel III rules supersede Basel II, elements of Basel II and corresponding guidance will remain in force subject to future revisions, and as such relevant components of the Authority’s ‘Revised Framework for Regulatory Capital Assessment’ remain applicable.

Copies of all related Guidance Notes for both Basel III and Basel II can be found in the Regulatory Legislative Documents under Policy & Guidance/Banking.

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