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Since its inception on 20th February 1969, the Bermuda Monetary Authority was granted responsibility by virtue of Section 9 of the Bermuda Monetary Authority Act 1969 for the issue of Bermuda’s national currency – Bermuda dollars and cents. The design of the currency has always reflected traditional Bermuda landscapes, flora and fauna and it is this representation of unique Bermudian features that has made our currency of interest to dealers/numismatists both locally and overseas.

The Notes and Coins of Bermuda throughout the years are also featured in the Authority’s Note and Coin Exhibit located at the Authority’s main premises – BMA House, 43 Victoria Street, Hamilton. This Exhibit is open from 9:00am – 4:00pm daily (Monday – Friday) and is ably supported by a Note Exhibit located at the Commissioner’s House, Bermuda Maritime Museum in Dockyard.

Commemorative Notes & Coins

Commemorative Notes

In 1992, the Authority introduced its first commemorative note to in celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus. This $50 note was issued as both a circulation and commemorative note with the commemorative version bearing a Spanish cross as the prefix of the special note’s serial number. Since 1992 the Authority has issued a number of commemorative banknotes. The following commemorative notes have been issued to date.


Event Commemorated
Discovery of new world by Christopher Columbus
25th Anniversary of the Bermuda Monetary Authority
Opening of the Authority’s Burnaby House Offices
“Queen’s SilverJubilee” celebrating H.M. Queen Elizabeth’s 50 years on the throne

Commemorative Coins

In 1970, the Authority issued its first special proof sets to commemorate Bermuda's first decimal coinage and since that time has been issuing individual and special coins sets on an annual basis. Our collectors items have been made in a number of precious metals including silver, gold and palladium and in recent years we have issued bi-metal coins and coloured coins reflecting Bermuda’s national heritage icons/events.

In 1996 the Authority issued the world’s first three-lobed sided triangle coin which formed part of a three year series of triangle coins. The 1996 version of the coin was voted the best coins of the year in the world for 1998 and the trophy commemorating this momentous event is displayed in the Authority Note and Coin Exhibit in Hamilton. The Authority has also issued a five-sided coin (in bi-metal and gold)) to celebration Bermuda’s Quincentennial in 2005 and this unique coin has also been well received in local and international circles.

Most recently the Authority embarked upon a co-marketing programme with the British Royal Mint and issued 12 lobed-sided triangle coins (6 in 2006 and 6 in 2007) featuring twelve of the most famous ship wrecks that grace the ocean floors surrounding Bermuda. Many of these wrecks are popular dive sites for local enthusiasts and visitors to the island. All twelve shipwreck coins are available in silver with gold plating, 1/20th ounce gold and 1 ounce gold.

The Authority also participates in international commemorative coin programmes arranged and distributed by the British Royal Mint including the 1990 Queen Mother’s Birthday.

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