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In February 1969, the Bermuda Monetary Authority was established by statute. Its primary initial function was to give effect to the Agreement between the Governments of the United Kingdom and Bermuda granting a large measure of protection to Bermuda’s official sterling reserves.

The Bermuda Monetary Authority is pleased to issue this 50th anniversary coin, which consists of a special three-sided, triangle shape coin, in dominations of .25, $2 dollar and $5 dollar. The reverse side features a detailed sketch of the Bermudian archipelago with a compass rose and the inscriptions ‘Bermuda Monetary Authority’, 50th Anniversary and the denomination value on the circumference. The obverse bears a portrait of Her Majesty the Queen in profile by the sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley.

Over the last 50 years, the Authority has evolved to meet the changing needs in the financial services sector. It now supervises and regulated all financial institutions operating in the jurisdiction. In addition, it continues to issue Bermua’s national currency and manages exchange control transactions.

Coin Specification
Standard Denomination Diameter Weight Alloy Edge Type Issue Limit Prices
50th Anniversary $2 Silver Proof $2 35.00mm 34.04g 0.925 Ag Plain - Market
50th Anniversary $5 Gold Proof $5 15.00mm 1.555g 0.999 Au Plain - Market
50th Anniversary 25c Cupronickel Brilliant Uncirculated 25 cents 35.00 mm 17.25g Cu/Ni75/25 Plain - Market
*Disclaimer: Coins are not to scale
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