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Strelitzia reginae, most commonly known as the Bird-of-Paradise, is a singularly stunning flower that has graced Bermuda's shores for over 150 years. 

These year-round bloomers have an appearance that is said to resemble a brightly coloured bird in flight or caught indulging in floral nectar. Widely grown in its native South Africa, the Bird-of-Paradise has often spread its plumage in warm, humid climates like Bermuda. It currently puts on a vibrant display decorating our Hamilton City sidewalks, hideaways and exotic home gardens. 
The plant was introduced to Britain in 1773, first grown at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, but has since been embraced worldwide, including Australia and the Americas, growing well in any lush or subtropical area. In his 1884 Botany of Bermuda, Governor Lefroy wrote that Strelitzia reginae was 'to be found in many gardens', although the exact date it was first imported to Bermuda is unknown. It has continued to thrive on the island throughout all four seasons due to slight variations between summer and winter.

The beak-like casing from which the petals emerge is termed the spathe. The spathe sits perpendicular to the stem, and when the flower blooms, the fan-like arrangement of the orange and blue petals appears like the head of a spectacular bird, giving the plant its other common name – Crane's bill. The unique shape and colour of the flower are the inspiration behind its various symbolic meanings, such as joyfulness, creativity, immortality, freedom and one's innate ability to stand out from the crowd.
Adored for its watercolour-like presentation, it is understandable why the Bird-of-Paradise is so popular as an ornamental plant and why this regal inflorescence is chosen as a muse for many Bermudian homes, artists and designers. 

The Bird-of-Paradise can be found in a magnificent exhibition at the Bermuda Botanical Gardens and will captivate even the most unsuspecting passerby anywhere in its proximity.

Coin Specification
Standard Denomination Diameter Weight Alloy Edge Type Issue Limit Prices
Brilliant Uncirculated 25c (Colour) 36.61mm 28.28g Cu/Ni 75/25 Milled 500 Market
Proof $2 (Colour) 38.61mm 31.21g 0.999 Ag Milled 500 Market
Proof $2 38.61mm 31.21g 0.999 Ag Milled 500 Market
Brilliant Uncirculated 25c 36.61mm 28.28g Cu/Ni 75/25 Milled 500 Market
Proof $5 16.00mm 1.55g 0.999 Au Milled 500 Market
*Disclaimer: Coins are not to scale
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