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Introducing the 2020 Easter Lily coin, the second in its series of six coins. Known the world over, it is a perennial bulb with white, trumpet-shaped flowers and a distinctive fragrance. There are several varieties of Easter lilies in Bermuda. The Easter Lily was introduced to Bermuda in 1853.

The flower embodies a rebirth and a new beginning due to its symbolic ties to Easter, the Christian religious holiday marking the resurrection of Christ. There are biblical references to the Easter Lily and in many Christian churches, chancels and altars are decorated with the flowers throughout the Easter season.

The flowers gave Bermuda its North American nickname “The Easter Lily Island” until a virus temporarily obliterated the lily crops in 1899. Bermuda’s farmers rebounded from that setback within five years and the Easter Lily export industry continued into the 1980s.

Today, Bermuda sends a bouquet of lilies every Easter to the Queen at Buckingham Palace, while the flowers are grown commercially for domestic sale.

Coin Specification
Standard Denomination Diameter Weight Alloy Edge Type Issue Limit Prices
Proof $2 (Colour) 38.61mm 31.21g 0.999 Ag Milled 500 Market
Proof $2 38.61 31.21g 0.999 Ag Milled 500 Market
Proof $5 16.00mm 1.55g 0.999 Au Milled 500 Market
Brilliant Uncirculated 25c 36.61mm 28.28g Cu/Ni 75/ 25 Milled 500 Market
Brilliant Uncirculated 25c 36.61 28.28g Cu/Ni 75/25 Milled 500 Market
*Disclaimer: Coins are not to scale
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