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The hibiscus flower is known for being substantial in its presentation, from the intensity of its colour to the enormity of its size.

With five petals, the flower resembles a trumpet, which may also present in various semi-double and double hybrids. Its medium to deep green leaves, with their serrated edges, alternate along the branches of the plant and are oval or lance-like in shape. In Bermuda, the hibiscus is most often seen on a hedge or bush and, when in full bloom, can reach 18 centimetres (7 inches) in breadth—nearly the size of a dinner plate.

The flowering plant thrives in subtropical and tropical regions around the world. As a hardy perennial that blooms throughout the year, it is beloved by landscapers for elevating a garden’s beauty in any season. Much of this beauty comes from the hibiscus’ vibrant colour. Whether pink, red, peach, yellow or white, it can create an intense contrast to the wall of green leaves that frame it.

Beyond its ornamental purposes, the hibiscus is also popular as an herbal tea. Made from a specific species of the flower, the deep red tea may be enjoyed hot or cold. Hibiscus tea enthusiasts often add ginger, lemongrass, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg or sugar to even out the tartness of the flower’s flavour.

In Bermuda, this tropical flower is featured centre stage at the Bermuda Botanical Gardens in its Hibiscus Garden, with numerous species represented. Beyond the flowers themselves, another highlight of this particular section of the Bermuda Botanical Gardens is the butterflies who enjoy feeding on the hibiscus nectar. Such a celestial presentation has been said to stop visitors in their tracks, taking their breath away with this colourful display of nature.

Coin Specification
Standard Denomination Diameter Weight Alloy Edge Type Issue Limit Prices
Brillant Uncirculated 25C 36.61mm 28.28g Cu/Ni 75/25 Milled 500 Market
Brilliant Uncirculated 25C (Colour) 36.61mm 28.28g Cu/Ni 75/25 Milled 500 Market
Proof $2 38.61mm 31.21g 0.999 Ag Milled 500 Market
Proof $2 (Colour) 38.61mm 31.21g 0.999 Ag Milled 500 Market
Proof $5 16.00mm 1.55g 0.999 Au Milled 500 Market
*Disclaimer: Coins are not to scale
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