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11/2/2017BMA Releases Second Annual Cat Risk Report.pdf
10/31/2017Bermuda Monetary Authority Hosts Shadow Banking Workshop.pdf
9/27/2017Bermuda Reinsurers Pay Out Over $70 Billion to EU Customers.pdf
9/7/2017Warning - EKC Advisory - Fraud.pdf
8/11/2017BMA Winds Up Investment Fund For Regulatory Breaches.pdf
4/24/2017Statistics for Bermudas (Re)Insurance Market Reveal Continued Strength.pdf
3/13/2017WARNING - KA Trading Corporation Ltd.pdf
2/27/2017Bermuda Monetary Authority Fines Sun Life Financial Investments (Bermuda) Ltd $1,500,000 and Restricts Licence.pdf
2/13/2017Bermuda Captive Register Remains Stable.pdf
1/17/2017MoU signed between EIOPA-BMA.pdf
12/15/2016BMA Hosts Fourth Meeting of Financial Policy Council.pdf
12/6/2016Bermudian Graduate Trainees Join BMA.pdf
11/30/2016Bermuda Monetary Authority Releases Latest Foreign Portfolio Holdings Statistics.pdf
11/28/2016Bermuda Monetary Authority Releases First Catastrophe Risk Report.pdf
11/22/2016BMA Hosts NAIC Insurance Regulatory Dialogue.pdf
9/19/2016BMA Hosts Third Meeting of Financial Policy Council.pdf
8/29/2016Bermuda Monetary Authority Fines Barrington Investments Limited $50,000 - Restricts Licence.pdf
7/19/2016ESMA Defers Decision on Extension of AIFMD Passports to Bermuda.pdf
5/9/2016Bermuda Monetary Authority Hosts Second Meeting of Financial Policy Council.pdf
3/24/2016Bermuda Monetary Authority Releases 2016 Business Plan.pdf
3/10/2016Bermuda Monetary Authority Hosts International Insurance Meetings.pdf
1/29/2016Warning - Clone Firm - 'Kuva Limited'.pdf
1/25/2016Bermuda Monetary Authority to Chair IAIS Reinsurance Task Force.pdf
1/14/2016Bermuda Captive Insurance Registrations Increase in 2015.pdf
12/23/2015Bermuda Monetary Authority Releases Report on Foreign Portfolio Holdings.pdf
11/26/2015E.C. Declares Bermuda’s Commercial (Re)Insurance Regime Fully Equivalent To Solvency II.pdf
10/30/2015E. Barclay Simmons Resigns from Bermuda Monetary Authority's Board of Directors.pdf
9/4/2015EIOPA Publishes Updated Progress Report on Bermuda's Equivalence Assessment.pdf
8/17/2015MoU Signing Reflects Importance of Bermuda Market.pdf
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